Sugar…doodeedooeedoodooo…honey honey..

March 19, 2008 at 1:58 pm Leave a comment

Sunshine AdmiralDo you like my singing?

You don’t? Thats ok, Klondike didn’t either, but I cannot stop singing little songs to his adorable face whenever i’m around him. The most recent one is Sugar Sugar by the Archies. Klondike obliges my crazy, but looks at me like a crazy person.

Last night was foot trimming time. Being out in the field, Klondikes feet were a bit unbalanced, and so began the rebalance and eventual shoe-application up front. He had some hoof wall break off, so shoes were not a great idea last night, but we’ll get them on in a few weeks. When his foot was stretched up on the stand, he thought it was great fun to ruffle through the farriers hair which was adorable to see. He’s an affectionate, attention-seeking little guy for sure, which Jessica told me time and again, but i’d not really spent hands-on time with him before.

He really enjoys coming into the barn, and especially enjoys sticking his nose in every container hanging in the aisleway.

Last night also started clipapalooza for the Kloninator, which he was very much un-phased by. I only had the little clippers handy (I was feeling too lazy to walk the 100 yards to the trailer to get the other pair–laziest.person.ever)

Tonight he’ll get ridden by someone at the barn who fell in love with him after I stuck her up there for a trail ride on Sunday. He was, as usual, perfect. I do believe she’s smitten. Too bad she already owns a spoiled horse 🙂

Photo: random shot of Sunshine Admiral until we get more Klondike pics!


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