Add “Tornado” to the Not-Scary List

March 20, 2008 at 8:31 pm 1 comment

Once again, I go up to find Klondike to see he has mostly removed himself from his blanket.  In a way, it was impressive that he was so unconcerned, seeing as it was blowing and flapping around him in 40 mph winds.  Heavy winds are always fun when it comes to horses- they can’t hear well, so they’re jumpier.  They can’t see movement well, so they’re jumpier.  And they can’t smell very well, so (you guessed it) they’re jumpier.

Except maybe for Klondike- who has spent enough time outside that it would apparently take a category 5 hurricane to even get him to flick an ear.

 The first big test came on the way into the barn, where there was a large piece of flapping plastic that even terrified me.  No joke, it seemed to have a life of its own.  But Klon?  That picture you see on the right? It took me ten minutes of posing to get it.  Large pieces of flapping plastic? Check. 

In fact, I’m pretty sure he was rolling his eyes at me as I attempted to get a photo of “worried redhead Thoroughbred conquers his fear of loose blowing objects.”  Actually… what I should have done was said just that, so I could share a story about my training prowess, and how I whispered to this terrified little baby that it would all be OK.  It’s a bit late for that I guess… next time, though, I’ll be sure to make myself sound really, really awesome.

To the left, you can see the ridiculous haircut he got the other day.  He’s totally ashamed, can’t you tell?  Fortunately, the shaving of part of his neck has not really decreased the amount of hair coming off him, so we had another enjoyable grooming session that put at least three pounds of hair on the ground (much to his satisfaction). 

After grooming came big windy day test number two- the indoor arena on a windy day.  It generally sounds as though a plane is landing on your head on a day like this, so it can be a little overwhelming.  Klondike, however, was a little more worried about the country music someone had put on the radio. 

And the mirrors- he is totally fascinated with himself.  At first, he tried to kick his reflection’s butt, pinning his ears and trying to act tough.  That didn’t work, and his reflection simply did it right back.  A little flustered, he decided that ignoring his doppelganger would be a better policy, and off to work we went.

Riding wise, it’s sort of hard to do much right now- he needs some more fitness, and after his hoof trimming the other day he seems slightly foot sore.  So we worked on some very basic stuff, learning to keep all the body parts aligned, and moving off my leg to the side, not just forward.  He did a little mini-turn on the forehand, and then mastered the art of backing up.  We trotted a little, and he stretched down and forward very nicely, and when he does- he starts to look elegant (rather than just, say, skinny necked and hairy).

He has also been introduced to the concept of stretching.  I’m pretty sure he’s more flexible than he lets on, it’s just that he doesn’t really see the point.  Yes, he says, I see that the carrot is over there.  But I’m way cute and I know you’ll eventually give it to me no matter what…


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Sugar…doodeedooeedoodooo…honey honey.. The One Stereotype…

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  • 1. Patty Ellison  |  March 23, 2008 at 5:47 pm

    Nice haircut Dee!

    Seriously though, Klondike has it great: a great rider (and
    a great writer), a great person with a great sense of
    humor, and a great friend.

    Deidra rules! (But Klondike will live like a King!).



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