The One Stereotype…

March 24, 2008 at 8:23 am Leave a comment

Unfortunately, at the moment, Klondike does actually “fit” one of those not-so-great stereotypes about Thoroughbreds.  Namely, that they have awful feet.  Of course, the stereotype usually goes that they have horrible feet no matter what and will need shoes, etc, etc, ad nauseum.  Klondike’s feet though, probably will get better and be fine over time, they naturally seem to have good shape, and with a little more frequent care (and diet changes- he is now being pumped full of good stuff like Buckeye Ultimate Finish, and some yummy forage stuff, and many carrots) they will probably be just fine.

But he’s still a little bit footsore after his last trim, which is kind of upsetting.  Looking under his foot, there’s not much depth to the sole, and the frog is sort of pancaked and ill-defined.  On the plus side, though, his heels are nice and healthy, not pinched or contracted like many horses.  His hind feet also show some pretty big flares that couldn’t be totally corrected in one trim. 

For now, a little horsey-aspirin and some keratex are on the menu (OK, so menu is the wrong word, I think actually consuming keratex would not only kill you, but preserve the body for a hundred years).

So, what to do when you have a slightly footsore horse you don’t want to take on trail rides?  You spoil, you groom, and you work on kid-proofing.  I figure kid-proof horses are the best kind, and seeing as I’m basically a 12 year old in a 29 year old body, I know how to do this.  I spent about ten minutes yesterday kid-torturing Klondike, and he seems to love it.  I can braid his forelock, I can drape myself over his neck while cooing at him, and I can pull on his tail.  I figure twelve year old horse-mad kids love to comb tails, so being used to that might be a good thing.  He even puts up with singing and yelling pretty well, though it’s pretty clear he thinks I’m nuts. 

Klondike has also progressed on a social level over the last few weeks- at first, he was the wuss of his turnout group.  The other horses easily kept him away from the hay (or the run-in shed when it rained).  Most days, Klondike was easily picked out from afar because he was the one at the far end of the field by himself.  Over the weekend, though, he started sticking up for himself, and is now seen with the other horses, and even sharing hay.  So that’s good news, as we no longer have to feel sorry for him every time we look out into the field. 

 More photos soon, forgot to upload them.  Oops.


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