A Guided tour of… feet!

March 26, 2008 at 7:59 pm 1 comment

So, to continue from last time, I have some lovely photographs of Klondike’s feet to share.  Not all of them, unfortunately my camera was running out of steam, but a couple to get across the general idea of what I mentioned the last time.

foot1.jpgHere we have the view of the bottom of Klondike’s left front.  It’s probably the most special of his feet, for several reasons.  One, note that the tip of the foot, the part that looks like the toe, is actually completely off the centerline of the rest of his foot- just look at the way his frog points, and draw a line from there.  from there, the hoof wall is fairly straight, rather than round, until you get back to the quarters, where the curvature is rather dramatic.  Now, keep in mind I’m not an expert on hooves, and tend to describe things as being “warped” or “smooshed looking.” 

Because of his recent hoof sensitivity, Klondike did receive front shoes yesterday (sorry, no pics. oops!).  The shoe that went on the above foot took the farrier almost an hour to shape.  Not only was there extensive shaping, she had to use a hind shoe on the front, because it better matched the odd shape of this hoof.  So now he has a somewhat warped shape shoe to go with his warped shape hoof. 

With shoes on both front feet, he should be feeling much better.  In addition, they should help the foot grow a little more wall, with room left for expansion and lots of heel support. 

His back feet, though… still look a little odd.  It will take a little while to get these flares under control- without much to work with, the farrier doesn’t want to just wack them off all at once.  Though this should improve pretty quickly with attention, I had to show them off, as that may be one of the biggest I’ve seen in a while.  (note: the shiny stuff is keratex, which should hopefully help with the softness of his feet that the farrier noted, along with super awesome nutrition, of course.)

I’m actually sort of excited, hoping that in a few months we have some really spectacular “after” pics to share. 🙂  Also, if anyone is kind of interested in hoofcare related stuff, I stumbled onto this great blog today, and there’s tons of interesting stuff there.

Until next time… here’s a pic of Klondike with one of his newly adopted people:


Doesn’t he look like he’s smiling? 


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The One Stereotype… Poo Happens

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  • 1. Mikey  |  April 3, 2008 at 1:25 pm

    Ha! Had to laugh at the feet! Tell your farrier, I KNOW about feet like that. I do a horse who fits a perfect hind pattern shoe on the front foot. Very strange, but it works that way. I do know how it feels to spend forever shaping a shoe for the goofiest hoof patterns. That’s just horses!
    Love your blog, love the OTTB, I ride a couple myself.
    Will be back!


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