Feeling the Oats

March 28, 2008 at 8:33 am 1 comment

I came to the realization today that someone is feeling really good. Klondike can be a little nosy, because he knows he’s adorable (I mean really, just look at that face!), and he knows everyone else thinks he’s adorable too. Normally, this state of cuteness results in a certain orange horse receiving all sorts of yummy food items or scratches or attention.

As he’s gotten more brave in the field, pushing the other horses around a little bit and taking up a social position other than “wuss,” he seems to be getting just a little more cheeky around people too. Yesterday when I took the crossties off to put his bridle on, he just started walking. Hey, I’m untied! Let’s go! He’s done that before, but usually uses the freedom to investigate whatever is near him, rather than just start walking away. When I corrected him and made him back up, he seemed almost offended, like he couldn’t imagine what on Earth was wrong with me that I would want to stand still once the ties were released.

Getting on him, I had to crack a smile. It’s very obvious he’s turned a corner, from the “ho hum” sort of relaxed horse to the “la la la I feel goooood!” horse.  A different diet and shoes, apparently, have him feeling like a rock star. The last time I rode, he was pretty worn out after only a few circuits of the ring. Last night? Not so much. There was energy, there was forward, and there was… bad horse behavior?

Of course, it’s all relative. “Bad horse” to Klondike is, “I don’t really want to play, I’m going to… SHAKE MY HEAD! YES, I’m going to SHAKE IT!” So it’s sort of like his version of “resistance” is doing the cha-cha. I can cha-cha, no problem, it’s an easy dance. I learned it in about ten minutes in that “ballroom dance” class in high school (we could choose what we did in gym, and really, ballroom dance seemed a way better option than flag football, seeing as the real football team’s quarterback was in my class and got irritated when we nerds showcased our lack of hand-eye coordination and complete athletic disability).

Once we got past the cha-cha stage of our ride (which basically was just leg, and a “no, we’re not stopping or dancing right now, we’re trotting, thanks”) , I had to laugh at Klondike’s lack of coordination. Riding him in the ring is sort of like riding in a car with an unlicensed teenager. He just has very little concept of cruise control, so he gets a little fast, then he slows waaaay down, in a sort of start-stop fashion that’s very similar to the first time I drove and didn’t have a feel for the gas or brake. He especially likes to slow waaaay down right next to the ingate (well, that’s where the people are, who might pay attention to him!), then start zooming down the long side.

On the plus side, he’s getting much more receptive to the idea of travelling in a straight line, and keeping his shoulders and hips on the same path while circling. Since he’s getting so much better about the straightening of his body (and listening to leg to move over or help align things), I don’t think it will take us long to figure out how to keep a consistent pace- he’s nothing if not very smart. Kind of a stinker sometimes, but smart.


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Poo Happens Whee!

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  • 1. jessica  |  March 28, 2008 at 1:03 pm

    Yay for shoes! Funny how both Dixie and Klondike are feeling good now that they are getting the good food and are in work. Should I be scared to put shoes on Dixie 🙂


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