Poo Happens

March 28, 2008 at 8:14 am Leave a comment

This is a cross-post from my own personal blog, but it involves the cutest of Kids, Mr. Klondike.

Yesterday my own horse Tuck had a minor choke episode, and I ran out to the field to give him some IV medication and hang out until he felt better. Running made me tired, and so did digging around in poor Tucks neck for his giant Jugular vein with a tiny needle (is his skin made of plastic??)…so I laid down right there in the pasture.
Laying down, or doing anything “unusual” in a field of horses can have some funny reactions from the residents.

Tuck was confused at first.

and walked around to get a better look

Soon the other horses in the pasture were interested in what was happening–(click for video)

Here is Klondike with his terrible haircut that yours truly gave him. I’d call him a very “Social” animal….he likes to get close:


Really, really, Really…..Close.

Extra, Super, Fantasti-duper Close….

He also thought that shoes and legs in the air were worth investigating.

But just barely interesting….

Remember kids, I’m laying down here. I hear my faithful readers saying “Hey, is laying down among horse feet safe?” And the answer is no. No it is not. But you see, I live on the edge, people. You cannot stop this train. Fear does not exist in my world. I am FEARLESS in the face of horse feet.
Ok, so none of that is true. I just thought it was funny watching the horses watching me. And you know, funny trumps dangerous every time.

You know what it does not trump? It does not trump Poo in the hair.

Sometimes Poo just happens.

*sidenote, as Kelly mentioned, Klondike got his shoes on, so he’s ready to rock and roll!

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