I always forget my camera

April 3, 2008 at 7:58 am Leave a comment

It’s so predictable… I forget my camera, and then get to the barn to find fun things to photograph/video.  Last night Deirdre rode Klondike, and decided to try a basic sidepull-type hackamore instead of a bridle (he’s about due for his teeth being done and can be a bit fussy about bit contact, so it seemed like a good idea).  Of course, SuperKid appeared perfectly happy with that arrangement, his brakes and steering remained just the same without a bit. 

Honestly, most horses would probably go fine in this sort of setup, but in this case we will use it to further promote the awesomeness that is Kid Klondike.  The great thing about him is how happy he looks as he goes- this guy seriously needs a theme song, because it’s like he’s humming to himself while he works (if horses could hum, that is).  Suggestions?

On a totally random note, I forgot to mention this in the hoof post, because I forgot, but one of the things we discovered about Klondike is that he seems to love having his upper lip squeezed.  He was being a bit impatient about getting his feet done that day (to be fair, he had to pick up the same foot about three dozen times over the course of an hour to get that shoe shaped to fit it), and in trying to distract him a little bit I tried the ultimate humane ‘twitch’- I just sort of grabbed his upper lip (no squeezing involved really) and held it.  I have no idea why I thought that would be fun, but anyway… 

Almost right away he got a happy, sort of sleepy expression on his face and relaxed.  He seems to like it even more when you sort of pull the lip from side to side, though that’s probably more of a game.  I figure this is just one of those weird things- all horses have their little quirks (my horse seems to like having his nostrils pinched- I don’t even know how I discovered that), but this one makes me giggle more than most.  Will have to get some photos or video or something.

 Tonight should be fun, the chiropractor/acupuncturist is coming to take a look at our boy, which he should enjoy and I will be sure to document (I actually remembered my camera today, LOL). 


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