How You Fall in Love

April 17, 2008 at 12:44 pm Leave a comment

Falling for a horse is a funny thing, not that much different from falling for a person, really.  There’s lots of romantic stories about “love at first sight,” but that’s not how it is for most of us.  For every heart-pounding story of seeing big dark eyes from across the barn and just “knowing,” there are hundreds of us who experience something else, something more like “eh, he’s ok,” until suddenly you realize you are hopelessly smitten. 

That’s how it seems to have happened for me with Klondike.  Sometime over the last few days, I’ve gone from, “he’s so adorable, someone is going to love him!” to “wow, I really love him.”  With something like shock, I realized that when he goes (which will probably be soon, I don’t see how anyone could try him and not take him home), I’m going to be sad.  More than sad, even, upset- and I feel very sniffly thinking about it.  Previously I had felt only excitement- there’s something about seeing a good person find a good horse that makes everyone feel good, right? 

I can pinpoint the exact moment that my feelings towards the orange beast changed, too.  Monday I was moping about the barn, having gotten my own horse checked out by vet #3 for his lameness issues.  I had been planning on just brushing Klondike, because he’d worked hard all weekend and I figured he could use a rest.  But it was a nice day, nicer than what had been predicted, and maybe since I was sort of bummed out and flustered, Allie suggested a trail ride.   On a day like that, once I thought about it, a little mosey could be just what I needed.

So off we went.  The air was cool, but not too cool.  Everywhere you looked, there was bright green grass, so lush it almost looked fake.  Flowering trees were in full bloom, and everwhere else there was that pale green dusting of new tree buds about to burst.  That alone put me in a better mood- when things are growing and so full of life all around me, it just feels like everything is right in the world.  Or at least, like most things are.

We went a new way, that I’d never been before, and found ourselves in a lovely field full of little dips and rises, with lots of room for moving out.  Without really saying much, we found ourselves trotting along, and then Allie asked if we wanted to canter (like I can resist that when it comes to his canter?) We rolled along up the hill, spring breeze in our faces, when Allie gave us some direction- turn right at the top.  Without even really thinking about it, I squeezed the right rein- didn’t pull, just gave him a “hey, we have to steer a little up here” sort of noodge.

And that’s when it happened- he flicked an ear back, and as if reading my mind, cocked his head to look to the right, to see where we were going.  And when he saw the break in the trees, he just went, like he needed no further direction or encouragement, understanding completely what I wanted to do and where we were going.  Strange that such a simple, tiny little moment can cause your heart to swell, but maybe it’s because at that moment, we weren’t two separate creatures- for just a tiny, fleeting second, we shared some thoughts and intent, and apparently that’s all it really takes to fall in love.

Some more actual training updates and stuff later… it’s just been a weird week, and suddenly realizing exactly how attached I’m getting to this horse, and how hard it will be when it’s time for him to move on, has made me a little (gee, a little?) sentimental. 🙂  Till later…


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