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Hmm, it’s been a while since we’ve added anything to Klondike’s blog, and that is largely because we took a trip to Rolex.  While we were gone, Deirdre was going to take Kloninator to his Fisher Price My First Horse Show.  Unfortunately, Klondike showed his super psychic horse powers by promptly throwing a shoe as soon as he sensed anything was out of the ordinary.  He now has been repaired, and will be re-shown to the lovely woman who came to try him last week. 

Since I don’t have much to say about SuperKid, having only seen him for about a half hour last night while he got his pedicure (and by the way, his feet look MUCH more normal- he is now wearing actual front-patterned shoes in front, and his hind flares are greatly reduced), I figured I’d say a few things about our trip to Rolex.

Firstly, some thank-yous.  In honor of the retirement of Winsome Adante, one of the greatest eventers of all time, SmartPak has made a fantastic donation of supplements to CANTER midatlantic, which is greatly appreciated and has us all very, very excited.  They even announced this during “Dan’s” official retirement ceremony in the main ring at the Kentucky Horse Park, right before the show jumping on Sunday.  What an awesome company- I’ve sung their praises before, due to excellent products and customer service, but this is seriously fantastic. What a great company!

Also deserving of mention?  The lovely Magic Cushion man.  Allie stumbled onto this product a while ago and has decided it is the very best thing around for packing abscessed or sore feet.  Since they were selling it at Rolex, she figured on picking up a tub, seeing as many of the CANTER horses have been experiencing hoof issues lately and it would be a good thing to have on hand.  Upon hearing who the product would be used for, CANTER was gifted a large tub of Magic Cushion- a very, very kind gesture for which we are very grateful.  And so, I have to give them a shout out, and say if anyone hasn’t used this stuff yet, it’s totally worth having in the barn.  And it even comes in “single serving” pods with the perfect amount to pack one hoof.  🙂

As for the event itself, one of the really cool things about going to Rolex is that it is a showcase of what washed-up ex-racehorses are really capable of.  Almost every horse in the event is a thoroughbred, several of them origiunally purchased for obscenely low prices, to boot. 

To the left, “Neville Bardos,” a flashy little horse who tied for ninth place after all three phases.  Fancy and flashy, right?  This here beauty was purchased for a whopping $800 after a not so great racing career.

His other horse, “Ying Yang Yo,” from what I hear, has a similar story.   Both are now some of the best top level competitors in the sport of eventing. 

To the right, is “Brandenburg’s Joshua,” not only an ex-racing thoroughbred, but one originally found on the backside of Charles Town racetrack, the track where CANTER does the majority of horse listings.  Joshua came in fourth at Rolex. 

So… the main point here is that you can find really, really good things in interesting places.  Seeing these horses go made me wonder how many horses that find themselves on CANTER listings might be capable of the same sort of success, given the opportunity.  Hopefully, we will have these kinds of success stories to share about horses that went through CANTER’s hands- several “graduates” are certainly working on it, anyway.  Till next time… 🙂



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