The Mosey That Wasn’t

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So Klondike has been gifted with a little time off lately- one of his feet was apparently a little bruised, plus we were busy.  Which sounds sort of insane, considering there are three people all vying for saddle time with the Kloninator, but somehow happened anyway.  So last night, I took a look around, and seeing as the weather was nice and it had taken a 24 hour break from raining, I thought a nice easy trail mosey was in order. 

It was immediately clear that a certain redhead horse was really craving some attention.  He came up to me pretty eagerly, and he was super happy about his grooming session- leaning into the curry comb, stretching his top lip out in enjoyment, and at one point nearly falling over in the attempt to help me reach a certain spot on his hip.  On the not so great side, the spot he was trying to help me “get” seems to have some hives or something.  I don’t think it’s too much of an issue, especially since I have a whole trunk full of various grooming and skin products to choose from, but it has made his skin a little more sensitive than normal in spots.

We saddled up and went out for our mosey… did I mention he’d had some time off?  Basically since my last writing.  And we went out alone, to boot.  So I shouldn’t have been too surprised when he actually spooked at something.  Of course, as usual, Klondike’s “dramatic spook” might best be described as a “flinch”- he sort of jumped, and moved his feet up and down a little, but I think he actually only moved a few inches off his path. 

We continued on, pretty uneventfully for the most part, and I have to give him credit- he was energetic, happy to be out, and feeling his oats a little, and I was insistent on riding the whole way in half seat without stirrups.  I think he associates that with “whee! go!” but really I just wanted to make the most of a short mosey, seeing as I’m getting out of shape (earlier yesterday morning I had done the “sunrise at old hilltop” tour at Pimlico, and got to ride the equicizer.  I lasted… I think 45 seconds?  Which is sort of pathetic, really, so I decided to do as much as I could to work those thighs any time I might be on a horse.  Even if not doing ringwork.  I give this new attitude towards riding maybe a week, before I give up.  But this is all besides the point).  Klondike put up with this remarkably well, although I’m pretty sure he was annoyed at it, thinking, “come on lady, either we’re relaxing and puttering around, or we should be doing something FUN!!!”

As we came out of the woods into a lovely field, he finally told me that he really thought it was time for some fun.  Which meant a mad dash for freedom- at a slow trot.  Silly SuperKid, this is not how you take off!  He came back to the walk pretty quickly, but then decided he really meant it, he wanted to go!  So he tried again, but this time at the world’s slowest canter.  And then… then… he… (I almost feel like I shouldn’t say this publicly)… I think he bucked.  Not the rodeo style buck, but the “whee!!!” kind that horses do when they’re really, really happy when you first turn them out.

Again, I feel like I shouldn’t even say it was a buck- I know, you’re all out there saying, “what are you talking about? I thought he was the awesomest most bombproof trail horse ever?!??”  Well, I still think he is- he was just so happy, and it was like he couldn’t resist.

And of course, some of you are wondering why I said “I think” he bucked.  And the reason is- it didn’t really feel like anything.  But I saw his head go down and his feet come off the ground, so I think he was trying, but it rode kind of like his jumps do, where you don’t really feel anything and don’t get jostled around at all.  Even my weak, equicized, jello-legs had no difficulty hanging on.  And he was so easy to stop that it really almost doesn’t count.

He’s a killer, that Klondike.  There were no further incidents on the way back to the barn, but I’m thinking someone needs more exercise.  He so wanted to be exuberant, yet it was so … uneventful when he tried.  I kind of had to laugh, he’s just so goofy and silly that I couldn’t help but enjoy it, even when he was being a little bit “bad.”  When we were back in the barn for the post ride stretch’n’groom session, he kept giving me the “I’m so cute, give me cookies!” face, and of course I couldn’t resist.  He totally has me in his back pocket… if he had pockets, anyway.


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