Horseman’s Law, Part II

June 16, 2008 at 8:38 pm Leave a comment

Your best rides will be your last rides…  At least that’s what always seems to happen to me.  Just when the horse is scheduled to sell, or your lease is up, that is when everything really starts to click and come together.

Once again, Klondike proves no exception.  The last few weeks there’s been no real riding.  He’s been for a few walks, but with the recently lost shoes, and little bit of hitch he had at the vetting, he really hasn’t had to do anything for a little while.  And to add to that, he got switched to regular board, and now has to sit in a stall during the day (to make room for another CANTER pony who’s on field board… see Woody’s blog!).  And today, a round of severe thunderstorms meant the horses didn’t even get out for night turnout as usual.

And of course, when we tested his new four wheel drive yesterday, he was really, really happy:

So when I got there to climb aboard today, I wasn’t sure what to expect.  I think I expected rusty and a little goofy, from not having done anything in a while.  What I got was something else entirely- absolutely the best ride I’ve ever had on Klondike in a ring.

He started out as usual, a little short strided and complaining about the bit, but soon enough he started to settle, and not only had he “given” to the bit but he had also figured out how to do that while also going forward.  Suddenly a had a horse who I could easily keep straight and move side to side off my leg.  And he looked like a million dollars- a few times I found myself staring at our reflection in the mirror, sort of amazed that this was the same horse we started playing with a few months ago.

He was rounding and reaching through the neck, and when he does that, he looks so elegant and classy- not “cute” like normal but “fancy” instead.

I worked him fairly hard, as far as ringwork goes.  I asked a lot of him, working towards staying “connected” through transitions, and moving laterally just a little bit.  I’m honestly not sure where this horse came from, this was probably twice as good as our last bit of ringwork, which was weeks ago.

His canter also has improved- it’s still every bit as comfortable as it was, but it seems more forward.  Not in a “fast” way, but in the “covering more ground” way.  Instead of taking a few sewing machine strides, he was flowing forward easily, and it felt like we were actually going somewhere. 

It figures that we would have such a wonderful ride right before he’s scheduled to leave, doesn’t it?


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