Bringing Sexy Back

February 3, 2009 at 1:47 pm 1 comment

So, it’s been a long time since there have been any updates here, but it is time for a new entry in the Klondike Chronicles.

After returning from his wonderful adopter (who wrote the last few entries) due to some health problems (in a nutshell, he was allergic to her farm, which is probably the simplest way to put it, and very heartbreaking for all involved), Klondike has had the winter to chill out at Camp Humble (aka the “funny farm), where he grew a long mane, and continued to get Very Fat.

The last few times I saw him out there, he was actually sort of grumpy, like he was a little mad at us.  We figured he was probably bored out of his mind, and just really upset about being more or less ignored, seeing as he thrives on attention.

So over this past weekend, Klondike has come BACK to Southwind for some tuning up and cleaning up, so that we can find him his person.  I found myself watching the clock yesterday, really anxious to get going so that I could see him again.  When I finally got to the barn, I willingly slugged through the freezing rain and snow, and even knee-planted in a pile of muck, all to get to “my” boy.

I was extremely happy to see that he wasn’t still mad at me- he seemed thrilled that I was there for him, and led easily across the field to come in (one of his tricks used to be to stop and see if you could make him go).  He was eager to come into the barn, and really, REALLY enjoyed his grooming session.  He appears to be fat as a tick, and has grown out his mane, so now he looks like a reining horse.  His coat is so long, and dirty, that he almost looks carpeted.  Except for his face, which is as cute and adorable as ever.  In fact, I am pretty sure that Klondike is the ONLY horse in the universe who could have a cute-off with my horse.  They’re both the most expressive beasts I know.

After cooing over him for a while, I grabbed some tack and hopped on.  Because who wouldn’t just hop on a horse that has had 4 months off, in an indoor, during a snow-shower? 

He actually was a little goofy at first- he didn’t want to stand for me to get on, and then when I did get on, he did a fair amount of head-flipping, hopping, and going sideways.  For the first ten minutes, I was really starting to rethink my logic.  He was trotting almost in place for a while (or, “prancing” if you want to call it that), with his head waaaay up in the air, and when I asked for a canter, there was much nose flinging and leaping.

As you might remember, though, Klondike’s version of mis-behavior is pretty easy to deal with (or at least to stay with), so it was hard for me not to giggle the whole time (though for a second I started worrying he might throw more at me).  I’m pretty sure those big leaping canter steps don’t really look like much, anyway.

After a few more minutes, he started to settle down, stopped screwing his head around every time I made contact, and started going like a good boy.  We learned very quickly that he is quite sound- perhaps sounder than when he left the last time, even though he’s fully barefoot again.  In addition, he remembers everything and very quickly was going around like an old pro.  After riding Afton, his “wiggliness” and tendency to lean through turns felt like nothing, so it was quite easy to correct.

He trucked around the ring for a while with his neck arched and head stretched out, prompting Allie to say, “Hey, I think there’s a show next week…” or something similar, anyway.  We set up a little crossrail and popped over it a few times in each direction, and he was super. 

He still had loads of energy even after I called it quits- I think despite not being ridden in a while, he really wanted to keep going.  But given his weight and lack of work, I suspect he’ll be feeling it a little today 🙂 

I’m hoping it won’t be too hard to keep up with all this- with Klon back I need to update here, and of course besides my own horse (who did out-cute Klondike last night, just for the record, even though that’s AWFULLY hard), there’s also Stephen, Afton, and now Parker to consider (will update about them on the Rosey blog, of course).  So much to do… this weekend will be beauty parlor weekend for Klondike and Parker (aka “Prospect Park”)- will make sure to have some before/after photos!


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  • 1. jessicamorthole  |  February 4, 2009 at 9:24 am

    He really is the cutest horse evah! So glad he is back and I am excited to be reading about him. He is always like that after some time off but the think about Klon is that he isn’t really being bad he is just expressing himself 🙂 Did he get a beauty treatment yet? If you let that mane long people might think he’s a QH. I have never seen such a fat Tb!


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