A Little Light Grooming

February 10, 2009 at 4:54 pm 2 comments

The weather over the weekend could not have been any more perfect.  I mean, sure, another ten degrees warmer and I could have had a t-shirt on, but you can’t have everything (and it’s FEBRUARY!).  So over the weekend Klondike got two rides, and also a fair amount of cleaning up. 

The warmer weather seemed to take a lot out of him- he started our ride on Saturday with a little “dolphining” at the canter, and looking for things to pretend to spook at (again, if you know this horse, you know that all of this is the antithesis of “a big deal” and serves mostly to make us giggle).  He was feeling great, until about two minutes in, when he realized it was actually sort of hot out.  And then he switched gears to “noo… I kinda just want to walk now.” 

On Sunday, we only had a brief little warmup in the ring, then went for a short trail ride to refresh his brain a little bit (since that is his favorite thing).  He wasn’t fond of some of the footing- even with two warm days in a row there’s a fair amount of ice under the mud- and so he got a little cranky a few times, but for the most part he was a good boy. 

After getting back we took advantage of the warm temps by having a nice bath.  Of course, everyone else was doing the same, so while waiting in line for the wash stall, I snapped a few conformation pictures of him.  His neck has REALLY changed since the first set of “before” pictures 🙂  His butt has too, but that is less noticeable from the side.


I actually took a whole bunch of these pictures, while he stood there ground-tied, heh.  He’s so wild.  The mane was really killing me- on the one hand, I sort of liked it and felt it gave him a real Barbie horse look.  On the other hand, though… well, it sorta had to go.   But first, a bath, so I could also give him a “racing stripe” (clip the chest and part of the neck, up to the poll). 

Though it shouldn’t have surprised me so much, having a clean horse made it much easier to clip him later.  On the flip side, I think Klondike was completely unimpressed with the idea and really wanted to go back out, so he gave me a sort of hard time with it, resulting in one side of his neck having a few odd tufts of hair left. 

The mane, though, was the bigger challenge.  It was so long that trying to just pull it would have been near-impossible, so I sucked it up and grabbed a pair of scissors (I know).  My plan was to cut first, and then pull the rest, but I did not anticipate that Klondike would think so badly of this idea.  He made the “pulling” part of the exercise fairly difficult, and I was unable to pull the whole thing.  With years of conditioning screaming against it, I grabbed the scissors again, cut the whole thing even, and did my best to ‘up cut’ (or whatever that’s called) so it wouldn’t look so obvious. 

It’s a little scary that people let me near horses with sharp objects (but, really, his mane doesn’t look quite that short in person- it sticks up a little!  Really!  I didn’t take it ALLLL!!!) klondike-after

All that done, I had a moment of misgiving about turning him out- it was too warm for blankets, really, and would be for most of the week… but all I could think was that I had just gotten him pretty clean.  And his first project would be to get himself dirty again.

In the end I left him blissfully uncovered, and he moseyed out into the sunset to find the best place to roll. 🙂



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  • 1. jessicamorthole  |  February 12, 2009 at 8:25 am

    Isn’t it amazing how a haircut and a clip job can transform a horse. He looks like a show horse in his clipped picture where the other one he looks like a fat Qh just chillin on a warm day. I need to come and visit him his personality made me laugh and laugh. He sure does love himself 🙂

  • 2. Mary  |  February 12, 2009 at 6:33 pm

    We miss you very much: the long canter up the farm lane, the quiet demeanor, and the spot to itch just right. You have run with a mustang, shared hay with a gaited horse, and experienced a firecracker at close range. You are a winner.
    I don’t miss seeing you covered in hives from head to tail, the middle of the night checks, or seeing your spirit and health go downhill from the allergic reactions. I’m so glad to see you fat and happy. Come to visit for a Hunter Pace. There’s just one thing. Challis (the mustang with the wiry bad-hair-life mane), says not to let them give you a wimpy haircut. 🙂


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