Klondike Spins His Wheels

February 12, 2009 at 4:58 pm 1 comment

I think when Jess said, “He sure does love himself ” in her comment the other day, she didn’t realize exactly how appropriate that really was…

Since he’s been coming back to work, Klondike has been making me giggle almost nonstop with his goofiness.  He seems to enjoy puffing himself up and acting all dramatic (whether it’s the Dolphin move he does at the canter, or the funny noises he makes when he’s telling me he wants to canter), and then, when all is said and done,  he’s incredibly proud of himself.

Yesterday was another example.  Keep in mind that despite the warm weather over the weekend, the footing has still been largely frozen underneath the mud (and to some extent still is), so the 70 degree weather yesterday thawed things out quite a bit.  So the ground in many places was prime footing for some serious fun of the type most of the horses haven’t had in quite some time 🙂

So yesterday, the ground is good and he got a pedicure, so he seemed a little saucy when I got on.  I did a brief warmup in the ring, and he was very much on task and every bit the gentleman, so I joined Allie and Lisa (with woooody!!) for a trail ride. 

We did not anticipate how silly little chestnut geldings can be, nor did we anticipate how much they might play off each other.  Early in the ride, while everyone was walking, a mood seemed to hit Mr. K, and started bouncing, until he was in the canter going up a hill.  Woody tried to bounce along in his wake, but wasn’t fully committed at that point.  At the top of the hill, Klondike arched his neck like he’d just conquered Mt. Everest. 

As the ride progressed, we tried to trot in several places, but Klon was having none of that and bounced along in his cute little canter instead.  At one point he did a lovely flying lead change, which is pretty awesome I think.  I take these things however I can get them, because if I ask, in a ring, it’s not likely to happen.  But now I can totally say “he has lead changes!” with confidence, right?

We handled several water crossings very nicely, and things were going well in the woods, when all of a sudden the trail opened up into some grade A great footing areas.  Once again, a trot was attempted, but Klondike and Woody (who were seriously acting like class clowns) really wanted none of that, and soon we were cantering again.  Up through a somewhat treacherous channel into another field, where I had a brief moment to say, “hey! this is where I got all gooey and fell in love with this horse the first time!” except it flew by in a rush, before I could really get that whole sentence out.

Somewhere in the next field, we came back to the walk, and Allie, very smartly, suggested some leg yielding to put them to work, rather than the jogging that was going on (it was more of a western pleasure type jog, than a nervous jig, they’re very different, really!).  When he finally realized that nobody else was going to play along, Klon sort of huffed and started walking (mostly) again. 

We had one more interesting outburst- coming out of the woods for a final time, there was a nice hill and inviting field in front of us, and someone couldn’t resist (I’m not sure who started it, honestly) and suddenly we were all cantering up the hill.  This canter soon turned into a gallop at the top of the hill (at least for some of us, though I won’t name names).  The highlight of this (for me) was where we almost ran into a tree, because I sort of thought we were going right, then I realized there was another horse there, and my moment of indecision landed me really close to getting swiped off as we ducked to the left at the last minute.  At some point, I heard a rush of high pitched noise go by, that turned out to be Lisa and Woody, who managed to wind down to a stop fairly soon thereafter.

The rest of the ride was pretty much without held to a flat walk, and by the time we got back to the barn, Klondike was strolling around on a totally loose rein, looking incredibly pleased with himself.  It kind of makes me laugh that none of the silliness seemed related in any way to nervousness or anything like that- I think they just wanted to play.  Since the very “worst” (and really, “worst” is relative- Klondike’s “awful” is most horses’ “pretty darn good”) that Klondike can throw at me is still fun, all I could think about today was how much I wanted to get back out there (though in reality, I think 50 mph wind gusts wouldn’t be so enjoyable for me!). 

In other news, he had his hooves trimmed yesterday, and we’re pretty ecstatic at how they look.  I have some photos from several months ago, showing how flat his soles were, and some other stuff, so it will be fun to compare them to new pictures.  Especially his hinds- they were flat as pancakes there for a while, but have developed amazingly well.  He is acting super sound even on gravel and rocks, to boot.  *happy dance*

I’ll have to do those pics over the weekend… stay tuned!

(oh, and allie said some magic words the other day… “hunter pace“…. his specialty! Maybe if we go again we won’t come in 18 minutes under the optimum time? hah!)


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A Little Light Grooming Klondike = Magic

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  • 1. Jessica  |  February 17, 2009 at 1:26 pm

    The little turd would not stop picking up things and putting them in his stall. I had to find a new location to hang halters and stash blankets. He chewed the x-ties when he was bored. Gosh forbid I picked another horse over him he would give me the evil eye. He is more like a dog than a horse. I remember my first few times on him and he had me all worried that he might be silly with his big puffed up attitude and the dolphin maneuvers in the canter but I soon realized it was all just an act. You should have seen his first jumps..too cute. Couldn’t figure out where to put his feet but he was concentrating so hard and once he figured it out you better not try to turn him away from a jump. It is fun to get updates on him and hopefully he won’t be allergic to the next place he ends up..such a dramatic boy.


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