Klondike = Magic

February 15, 2009 at 8:48 pm Leave a comment

Klondike was an absolute star today 🙂

Some friends came down to do some mega-grooming today, so for the first time in history, every CANTER horse on the farm got loads of attention today 🙂  Klondike had to wait until all the mane pulling and brushing was over, because I mostly took care of that the other day and he looks pretty good.

When I finally got to him (after a nice little introductory ride on Parker), he seemed eager to get going, but was an absolute doll about everything- stood stock still to be mounted, and warmed up like a champ.  No dolphining or anything, even while another horse was being a little goofy on the lunge line.

There were some ground poles set up around the ring, originally for the purpose of giving some visual aids to a rider who was having problems keeping her horse on the rail.  We decided to use them as canter poles, even though they were close to the ends of the ring.  While it wasn’t really a conscious plan on my part, I found that cantering the poles really helped us find a better quality canter.

Klondike naturally has an AMAZINGLY comfortable canter, but he tends to go with a shorter stride, more up and down than forward and out.  When I’ve worked on getting a more forward canter, he can get a little hurried or unbalanced, but the poles really seemed to help.  He had to get light and balanced in order to get over the “in” pole without biffing it, go forward and long to get to the “out” pole without biffing it, and then he had to come back and organize for a very quick turn to the next pole.  After a few circuits, we actually found the golden happy medium- a lovely forward canter that was covering some ground but was also well balanced.

It was pretty cool, and I was sort of impressed with myself  for having started doing it in the first place 🙂

After we worked on that, I thought I would spend more time working at the trot, but he seemed pretty tired at that point, and keeping him in front of my leg was a bit difficult.  So, me being lazy ,I decided to go for a trail ride by ourselves (after the last trail ride, this qualifies as a “great” decision, ha!)

But Klon was a champ- we went for a reasonably long walk, and spent most of it on the buckle with not a care in the world.  He got a little bouncy when we met some bad footing in a few spots, but otherwise was a perfect angel.  Sometimes, when I’m riding my own horse, I get an overwhelming feeling of contentment, like I’m in exactly the place I’m supposed to be and everything in the world is right, just for that moment.  We had a few of those minutes today, and it was wonderful 🙂

I might see if some different people at the barn can hop on him a little in the coming weeks, just to see what he actually looks like, and to get him used to that kind of variety again, seeing as folks will probably start coming to see him relatively soon 😉

(I have to admit though, the prospect of him going to a home is making me a little sad- last time, it wasn’t so bad, I knew I was going to miss him but I was really happy about the person he had found and where he was going.  This time… I dunno, I feel like the longer he’s with us the harder it will be to let go.  He’s just a special guy.)


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