Switchum Ponies!

March 13, 2009 at 12:24 pm Leave a comment

At least, that’s what we used to call it when I was a kid, when people switched horses… Klondike has been getting a fair amount of that treatment lately. Between being tried, and also me trying to get my own horse back into a regular work schedule, he’s had quite an assortment of different riders lately.

So there’s me, the deranged monkey, two other volunteers (one a more huntseat rider, one a more dressage rider), and of course the barn owner’s daughter, who I insist should ride him all the time, because it’s adorable.

There’s just something about watching Klondike with a kid aboard that makes me smile. He’s the perfect size, he makes cute faces, and kids are cute, so it’s like being blown over by an overwhelming amount of adorableness. I have some video clips, but youtube was NOT being very useful when it came to uploading them, so I will have to try again a bit later. 🙂

It’s definitely interesting to see how he goes for different people. While I haven’t seen him go with our other volunteers, I’ve heard some reports, and also seen prospective buyers ride him.

What sticks out is how sharp Klondike is- he generally likes the pokey western-pleasure speed gaits, but can also go quite forward and fancy. With the kids, Klon seems to be more likely to go a bit more forward, especially when it’s a super-fun pony club gaming rider. With strange adults, he’s a little more likely to see how slow he can go, and tests riders a little more: hmm…. are you going to actually back that leg up with a stick? Do you really mean it? and that sort of thing.

I can’t wait to get some video of him up with different people riding, I think it’s sort of interesting (and when pony club kids are involved, it’s just a bucket of cute!)

Edited to add video evidence of adorable kid on adorable klondike:


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