Horses Love Making Fools of Us

March 15, 2009 at 8:00 pm Leave a comment

What a silly weekend.

Saturday, after picking up the lovely older mare from Lazy Acres, I had to get Klondike ready for a potential person to look at.  So I brought him in, brushed him up, and stuck him in a stall while I went to try and help get some other stuff in order.

Of course, as soon as she showed up, and I went to get him, I realized he had taken a really enjoyable roll in my horse’s shavings, and was covered head to toe in them.  Particularly in his beautiful tail.

Gee, thanks, red pony.

Of course, I try my best to describe him, and the best words are usually things like ‘quiet’ and ‘easy’- because that’s typically what he is.  So off we go, to the ring, taking a quick stop to unload some grain from the truck so the CANTER ponies could eat, and then it was off to the races.

Sort of literally.

I mean, Klon’s version of off to the races, as I’ve mentioned before, isn’t particularly threatening or scary, but I was getting more and more befuddled the more I rode around.  Attempting to show off his pretty little toe-pointing trot and comfy as a couch nature was more difficult than I had anticipated.

It could have been the weather, or the new horse up on the hill, or the fact that it was feeding time, but Klon didn’t want to go in a straight line, acted resistant to going forward, and then when he did go, pretended to be mr. speedy gonzalez, instead of the kick-along sort he normally is.

Silly pony.  He did settle down- I’m finding the best tactic for when he’s at all shirty is just to put him into a canter, drop the reins, and lope around for a few minutes.  It seemed to work, and he got down to business relatively quickly.

Just the same, I have to laugh- I think Klon likes to play jokes on me, the little goofball.

Today he was ridden by another boarder at our barn, and was going quite well until he found an excuse to be goofy, which was “the new mare is in the ring! zomg! must show off for the new mare!!!”

He apparently thinks Kat is the bees’ knees, and likes to try and impress her.

I’ll have to get some pictures of him making cow eyes at her over the fence.

(and yes, even when he’s goofy over the pretty lady in the ring, the answer is, hit a nice canter, then sit back and relax 🙂 )


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Switchum Ponies! Hee : )

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