I’m baaaaack!

April 1, 2009 at 3:04 pm Leave a comment

I think I mentioned on the other bl0g that I was going to be away for a bit, but I’m back now.  Thoroughly sunburned, bearing an extra four pounds, but back, and ready to put in some serious riding. 

I’m actually a bit (just a teeny bit) freaked out at all the work I have to do over the next month and a half, because Allie and Lisa have convinced me to try this eventing thing.  And with Klondike, no less.  Essentially, I have a fairly short time frame in which to find and learn to love the “back seat,” while simultaneously breaking off my love affair with the long spot and upper-body-thrust that has defined my riding since I was 12.

I have to develop a good quality canter… in my last few rides it was becoming more and more apparent that Klondike will happily pose at the canter- nose tucked in with no contact, very comfortably feeling like a la-z-boy on springs.  But now it’s time for the real thing, I suppose.  The canter you can actually see distances from, and jump comfortably from even with a less than ideal distance.  We will be cantering lots of circles and serpentines, with me keeping my hands steady.  We will be cantering lots of poles on the ground.  When the ground is good, we will be cantering around the trails so I can learn to go up and down hills without losing the canter.

And then, I am sure, there will be lots of jumping.  The prospect of all this is totally daunting to me- it doesn’t initially sound like much to go out and do beginner novice- I’ve been riding a long time, and despite the swing of my lower leg I’m not totally clueless.  I know I can more or less get around.  But underneath the girls-just-wanna-have-fun exterior, I think I’m a deeply competitive person.  I can’t go into this without at some level also wanting to kick ass and take names, too.

The progress of all this should be pretty entertaining, so I will do my level best to remember my camera more often over the next month.

In other Klondike news, he is now getting his specially designed allergy shots- which means he’s getting an injection pretty much daily.  Super fun!  It will be interesting to see if he gets any hives at all, or anything else, as we move towards summer 🙂


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Hee : ) There’s Riding…

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