Claritin and Cross Country

April 6, 2009 at 9:04 am 1 comment



Spring is definitely here.  And with spring in Maryland comes an assortment of ailments – a sudden cough, itchy eyes, itchy throat, and the loss of my voice.  A little Claritin-D seems to be keeping me mobile, so I wasn’t going to let it stop me from tagging along with a group of friends to Frying Pan Park, to get some “real” schooling in over small XC obstacles of the type I’m likely to see at our first real event. 

Klondike has been to FPP before, but at that time, I think we only jumped a few of the smallest things we could find, and we literally had to DRAG him into the water jump. 

But yesterday, we had to actually jump some stuff.  From a canter.  And in footing that was a little wet and deep in places.  And with random assorted livestock, bicycles, children, and tour trolleys in the background.  While he did throw one tantrum, I don’t think Klondike could have been any better.  He warmed up beautifully in the ring- looking around a fair bit, but soft and happy.  We took a few warmup jumps over a little vertical, and those went perfectly as well.  He was cantering on a little shorter stride than I like, but it was relaxed and I waited for the jump, so it worked out 🙂

Out of the ring, he didn’t look at anything (ok, he peeked at one super-tiny little coop, MAYBE a foot high, but he went over).  His tantrum was largely a “moment” in which he wanted to go back towards the trailer, and was trying to pull me in that direction by (yes) rearing and running sideways.  I did need a little encouragement at that point- as I’ve said before, rearing is one of those things that just paralyzes me and turns me into jelly- it’s really hard for me to overcome that and act, so it took a little coaching from Allie to get me through it.  I did manage to go for the crop, and started him to working- some canter circles where we just pushed forward and made him work as properly as possible seemed to iron the issue out, and a few minutes later he was fine (worked up, but fine). 

We even managed to go AWAY from the group with no issues, and also come back to them (away from the trailers).  Though we have some cantering sideways, it worked out:

The interesting thing was, even when he was semi-uncooperative, it felt like I could point him at ANYTHING and he’d jump it.  After only a few jumps my confidence was way up, and I started having serious fun (although I did turn down suggestions to jump a few things that looked a little bigger than I was ready for, though I’m sure Klon could physically do it).

We also jumped down some things:

Wheee! Part deux.

Wheee! Part deux.

And the jump near the cows didn’t really phase him, though he felt a little more forward than I liked (he really took me to this one, and was resenting my attempts to bring him back a little.  Oh well, he’s bold, and as we went on his attitude rubbed off on me):

Suddenly I’m not so worried about the jumping part of this eventing thing 🙂  I need more practice, but I’m getting the feeling he’ll happily do whatever I ask him to.  What a cool horse… doing something new to him AND teaching me in the process.


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There’s Riding… Who Stole Spring?

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  • 1. allie  |  April 6, 2009 at 10:39 am

    Kelly, you ROCKED! I’m so eloquent. “RIDE LIKE A MONKEY!”

    I’m expecting my call to become “chef d’equipe” *ANY* moment now 🙂


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