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I got to the barn last night with the intention of bringing Mr. K in so he could get a little riding, and also help me out for a video shoot (we’re STARS!!!).  Unfortunately, when I started to groom him, I noticed an enormous swelling at the base of his neck by his withers.  It was the circumference of  a dinner plate, and apparently quite painful as he didn’t want me anywhere near it.  A quick check of the other side showed swelling there too.

I suspect he’s been getting into it with his pasturemates- I caught him at it the other day- rearing and play fighting.  It looks like someone did a little more than “play” though- from the location and marks on it, it looks like someone grabbed him by the neck as hard as they could.

Apparently, someone in that field was bitter from being beaten in a race:

(truth be told, I have no idea what he’s won or not.  He may have actually won something… hehe.  My apologies for shaky video, I was hand grazing my grey beast at the time)

Klon will likely get today off too- will check on his injury and damaged ego, and hopefully he’ll be back in action soon.  I did notice last night, after turning him back out, that he holds his head and neck quite oddly when he’s doing more than walking, so I don’t want to make anything worse.  Boo.


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