Because We Have Plans

May 1, 2009 at 10:25 am 1 comment

(warning, icky pic of a wound ahead)

I’ve talked about this before, but it seems like horses know when we have plans.  I had wanted to take SuperKid to a local short course event next weekend, to get out on course so I won’t be so overwhelmed at VHT, and so he has at least one outing under his belt.

So we got back from Rolex Monday, with me totally pumped and ready (I mean really- I BOUGHT an eventing vest.  This means I am COMMITTED and can’t turn back, and will have to actually continue with this even after Klon finds a new owner).  Soo… what do I see when I show up to ride?  He’s still a little funny in front from the (assumed) abscess.

No big deal, I thought, I’d just give him another day.

Then what do I see?  This:

For realz?

For realz?

Yep, that would be a kick mark, directly ON the stifle.  Because it really helps with soundness to get nailed on one of the most sensitive joints of the equine body.  I made him trot around the pasture a little to assess, and yes, he looked stiff on that leg.

Another night off for Kid K.

Last night, it’s back to the barn, and after I’d put my own horse back out because I thought I’d at least be able to ride K a little bit, I got out to the field to find this:

Is there a jaguar out there or something?

Is there a jaguar out there or something?

Gross.  Not only gross, but swollen, and located under where the seat of the saddle goes, so if I’d tried to ride, I’d be pressing directly on it.  There is now an area the size of a beach ball around that injury, on his left side, that is swollen and sensitive.

OK, so no riding.  I figured we could work on lunging skills a little bit, since we don’t ever do that.  Which was all well and good, but as soon as he got out of the walk, it was blatantly obvious he’s sort of crippled on his stifle.  And footsore.  I grumbled a fair bit, brought him back in and gave him some bute, and applied infection fighting goo to his various scrapes and bangs and bruises.  Here’s a few more:

Gigantic Lower Neck Bite #4
Gigantic Lower Neck Bite #4
Can I bang my head into the table now?
Can I bang my head into the table now?

I might just lose my mind.  I have a feeling that the short course is going to be a no go.  And who knows about VHT….

Of course, in the way of all dingbat horses, as soon as he was turned back out, he immediately ran to one of his turnout buddies and pestered him until they were rearing and kicking at each other, then galloping madly back and forth across the field, running so hard you could hear the pounding of their hooves from the other side of the farm.  WHYYYY??!?!?

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While you Wait… Handy In A Crisis

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  • 1. Jessica  |  May 4, 2009 at 9:47 am

    Those marks do look like they came from some sort of animal besides a horse. I truly do think Klondike is the master of coming up with things to get himself out of work. Not even funny Klon! He needs to be bubble wrapped asap. Sorry you have to deal with his cute but hurt self.


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