Handy In A Crisis

May 12, 2009 at 9:46 am Leave a comment

The weekend started out fairly normally- with the intent to ride Mr. K a few times and really work, to try and get that stifle back in gear from where it was popped.  He actually doesn’t feel bad on it, from his back.  You can see him hitching it up a little funny from the ground, but he hits the ground evenly between his back legs, which is encouraging. 

But because this is all not quite perfect, and because of the amount of money involved in going, we’re not going to be making our debut at VHT in two weeks.  So sad, I know, but we both probably need more time anyway.  So instead, we will be aiming for a local unrecognized event in June (*IF* he is not adopted in that time- he will be available soon, keep your eyes on the CANTER-owned page).  That will save me some money, and give us the time we need to get him feeling better on that right hind.

Sunday we were working in the indoor, because it was actually too bright outside (it’s been raining for like three weeks, I’m not used to it!), when all of a sudden there was quite a hullabaloo outside.  I ignored it for about a minute, until I realized there were loose horses up on the hill- with tack on, which is NEVER a good sign.

It turns out there was a really bad accident on a trail ride, involving several people including our barn owner.  When things like this happen, it makes your heart drop to somewhere near your feet- all you can feel is this horrible heavy weight in your stomach, and all you want is for everybody to be OK.   Thankfully, they were able to call on a cell phone to tell everyone where they were- but no one seemed to know exactly where that was- they were on a reasonably new trail that not a lot of people seem to know.

So we took off through the trails and fields to get back to where they were as quickly as possible.  I don’t want to make light of a really horrible situation- there was a helicopter involved- but I do want to give Klondike a lot of credit- he was absolutely willing and perfect the entire way.  He did not blink at anything, including ambulance and fire truck.   Even though there was not much I could do to help besides direct people where to go, he also kept me from feeling helpless.  He’s very special, and there are few horses I would trust so much.

As an aside, if any of you out there could please keep our barn owner in your thoughts, it would be greatly appreciated.


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