When Things Get Overwhelming…

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… all I need is this 🙂
A Little Bit of Happy

A Little Bit of Happy

It’s nice to know that when life gets hard, there’s always going to be something in it that still makes me smile. 

Anyhoo, in Important Business, last night we had an interesting ride.  It’s always fun to get some coaching from Allie, because she has a way of making me laugh at myself that feels good, even while I’m simultaneously trying really hard to fix it.  Last night it was my wrists.  In all seriousness, I have the floppiest wrists of anyone I know.  Sometimes they curl in, and sometimes they just flop down.  Whether I’m riding or not.  Case in point:

Ignore the socks! eew!

Ignore the socks! eew!

OK, but socks aside, seriously, look at that.  I’m not even riding.  What the heck are my wrists doing?  I might be the most limp-wristed person ever, in the history of the universe.

In any case, this is one of the things I tried really hard to work on last night, but probably failed.  Along with riding more from my seat and less from my hand, pushing forward and up with my core, sitting up, sitting centered in the saddle, and keeping my hands steady. 

The steady hands thing, especially, kills me.  I try, and I sure feel steady, but the second I grab mane or something and realize how unsteady I actually am, the more frustrated I get.  Of course, when I get it right, Klondike responds immediately, and in a positive way, which is super nice.  But at the same time, remembering my last dressage lesson, I’m not sure where the line is between giving/soft hands, and making him deal with the fact that hands aren’t going to be perfect.

That sounds sort of bad, probably because it’s hard for me to phrase just right.  But part of what happened in our last lesson was that we really worked on “he has to deal” with contact, because when you take even an ounce more than the lightest possible contact, his response is to resist and throw his head around a bit.  At the same time, I do strive to improve my hands and have them all soft and perfect, etc.  So what we have to find is the middle ground, which we do get glimpses of every so often (and when we get them, it feels pretty awesome). 

So onward we go, we will get those pesky downward transitions nailed soon, just you watch.

(in the next edition, we move on from my floppy wrists, to the Complete Illustrated History of My Left Hand)


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