June 18, 2009 at 8:43 am 1 comment

I just checked the Waredaca site and the times are up for Sunday.  We will be riding dressage a bit after ten, and jumping/xc a bit after noon.  Seeing it up like that, with our names plastered out there for everybody to see, has suddenly made me really nervous.  I have that weird feeling inside that I usually only get the morning of a show, not four days beforehand.

I have decided to just sort of surrender myself to whatever happens in dressage, which is probably the best possible stance to take.  Now I just have to remember to actually breathe when I enter the ring 🙂  We actually had a much better ride the other day- I tried a flash noseband, but also took a step back from the work we’d been doing and just sort of… I don’t know, rode him more like a hunter.  I gave him a longer rein, didn’t push for quite as much forward (that seems to get him more rankled- probably because it’s harder!), and just quit caring about doing it right so much (and the head tossing/twisting, or the resistance when I ask for downward transitions).

I know that sounds wrong, one should never quit caring!  But being as I have such a tenuous grasp on my sanity lately, it was making me intensely neurotic trying to focus so hard.  All the things floating through my head while riding were turning me into a mess – trying so hard to keep my hands still, my hips soft, my leg here, my shoulders there, my weight over there… I was starting to feel like I was failing the horse, even though the reality was that things weren’t that bad at all.

So, Martians to Kelly:  it’s OK if it’s not perfect.  Quit trying so hard and just have fun! 

And you know what? That totally works. 

So anyway- those of you in Maryland who might be in the vicinity of Waredaca– please feel free to stop by and meet us!  Regardless of how we do (especially in dressage) Klondike and I really love to have a fan club.  We’ll be wearing royal blue, since it’s the color of the CANTER logo (unfortunately I couldn’t quite pull off getting said logo embroidered on my saddlepad in time.  So sad!).  If you haven’t met this horse, you REALLY have to!


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  • 1. Lele  |  June 19, 2009 at 5:01 pm

    You and Klondike can do it! There’s not anything wrong about being a bit nervous and you should give yourself a pat on the back since you’re taking the first step to becoming an eventing queen:)


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